End of the Line was the final mission of the game, GTA: San Andreas. The mission involves the slaying of characters Big Smoke and Officer Tennpenny. [1]


The mission starts out with the player driving with Sweet to Big Smokes Crack Pallace, where the eventural slaying of him would take place. After the player has fought their way through each level of the crack pallace, the player confronts Smoke, who is living it up with his new life style not giving a damn what's going on in the outside. After the player kills Big Smoke, Tennpenny makes a run for it, destroying the crack pallaces power generators and causing the place to be set on fire. As the player is running out, the crack pallace blows up, destroying everything. In a heroeric attemt, Sweet jumps on the firetruck's ladder but remains stuck there. After a few minutes chasing the truck through the city, Sweet begins loosing his grip on the fire truck so the player has to catch him by driving under him. The mission ends with the fire truck loosing control and crashing over the bridge into Grove Street.


The two major antagonists in the game, Officer Tennpenny and Big Smoke are slain, resulting in the weakening influence of the Ballas.